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The Lack

The film explores four variations on the theme of “lack”.

The film explores four variations on the theme of “lack”, featuring six female characters. As these concurrent stories unfold, each woman searches for meaning to fill the inner void in their lives. In the first episode, Eve must work through the pain of abandonment and the obsession of love that turns into a violent, yet ultimately cathartic struggle. Xiu embarks on a symbolic, dreamlike journey in the second section, while in the third story two women face the difficult, yet necessary process of detachment that ultimately transforms into the possibility of hope, brought by the young Nour. In the final chapter, Sarah experiences recurring visions as she tries to reclaim the pieces of her shattered existence through an on-screen psychoanalytic session. Set outside of conventional time, these distinct narratives take place within a backdrop of roaring nature with its harsh landscapes, wind, water, skies, rocks and an emptiness that is at once apocalyptic and regenerative.



Nicolò Massazza (1973) and Iacopo Bedogni (1970) began working together in 1999 as MASBEDO, focusing on video art and installations. Their artistic research has focused on the theme of incommunicability both on a personal level, between couples, and on a larger scale, highlighting the paradox of society of communication. This has led them to produce very intimate pieces alongside work with a greater anthropological, social, and political feel.
They express themselves through the language of video, in different forms such as performance, theater, installation, photography and recently cinema. In Italy they are recognized among the most important video artists and innovators in the field of contemporary art. Thanks to their unique feature of re-union of different arts the multiplicity of languages becomes a single chorus.
MASBEDO’s aesthetic approach is pictorial. They strive to engage their audience by using the moving image as an immersive installation. The work is a synthesis of theatre, performance, architecture, and video.


Released July 31 2014 at the Giornate degli Autori 71st Venice International Film Festival



RIFF-Reykjavik Film Festival 2014 /  CPH: DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2014 / Appuntamento con il cinema italiano, Istanbul 2014 / Barcelona Italian Film Festival 2014 / Mittelecinemafests 2014, Bratislava and Budapest / Cinema Made in Italy 2015, London / Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2015, Lincoln Center, New York Museum Screenings / MAMbo, Bologna / PAC, Milan / MADRE, Naples / Alserkal Avenue, Art Dubai Programme / MAXXI, Rome / Cinema Dynamo, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva / 21er Haus, Vienna



Beatrice Bulgari and Mitra Divshali

Produced by:
Beatrice Bulgari
In Between Art Film
in association with
Marta Donzelli and Gregorio Paonessa
Vivo Film

Lea Mornar, Xin Wang, Giorgia Sinicordi, Ginevra Bulgari, Emanuela Villagrossi, and Cinzia Brugnola.