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CortoArteCircuito is a non-profit organization that worked between 2007 and 2012. Its main goal was to produce and promote short movies created by Italian or international directors on contemporary artists and their works. Filming the creative process of an artist while the director develops his work, in a dissonant or empathic manner, gives the opportunity to communicate the unknown experience, the bridge built between these two different forms of creativity.

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Alessandro Sarra – Juliette e L’artista

Zhanabek Zhetiruov

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Marco Tirelli – Untitled n. 1

Raymond Red

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Alberto Di Fabio – La Quiete

Esmaeel Monsef

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Alessandro Piangiamore – Sikander

Mamta Murthy

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Nunzio – I tarli in testa

Mazdak Mirabedini

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Pietro Ruffo – Il sogno della Libellula

Panahbarkhoda Rezaee

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Luigi Ontani – Lapus Lupus Decapitato Faunfato

Hao Jie

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Goldie Chiari – Amore Spazzatura

Aamir Bashir