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MAXXI – ArTapes

The new presentation of the MAXXI permanent collection, THE PLACE TO BE, around which rotates the overall reconfiguration of the museum spaces and services, a true “creative revolution”, also features a permanent video gallery realised with In Between Art Film.

The video gallery, located in the Carlo Scarpa Hall on the ground floor, with admittance free of charge, is launching with the Artapes project curated by Giulia Ferracci, a programme of screenings dedicated to the most interesting historical and more recent artist videos. Every day visitors will be offered looped screenings along with talks and performances: a new space within MAXXI where it will also be possible to consult the videos screened, talk to the artists and attend debates with critics, curators and academics.

The programme, the name of which is inspired by Art/Tapes/22, a video art production centre in Italy in the 1970s, comprises retrospectives of individual artists, historical and thematic presentations, restored works of historic value, silent films with live musical accompaniment, new documentaries and experimental films. An integral part of the project is the acquisition of videos that will enrich the permanent collection, their safeguarding and conservation and the construction of a digital archive rendering the videos ever more accessible to the public.

From 6 May through to 20 June 2017 (repeated 20 July – 6 September 2017), the first programme is Walking around the clock. An exploration of the videos by artists in the collection curated by Monia Trombetta and Luigia Lonardelli.
With works by Lucy + Jorge Orta, Eva Marisaldi, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Elisabetta Benassi, Gal Weinstein, Tessa Manon, Den Uyl, Hans Op de Beeck, Marinella Senatore and Luca Maria Patella, this cycle of screenings tackles the concept of home and the city, developed in THE PLACE TO BE, starting out with two actions that accompany our experience of these places: residing and walking.
The videos scheduled tackle the themes of relocation, travel, habitation, the concepts of confine, identity and intimacy associated with roots and the places lived in: from the intimacy of the artist’s studio to the contradictions of the contemporary world and the natural and artificial environment that surrounds us, passing by way of the collective urban spaces.




27 June – 25 July 2017
Chantal Akerman: Cinema meets Art, curated by Giulia Magno and Giovanna Fazzuoli
An initial monographic presentation devoted to the Belgian director, scriptwriter and artist Chantal Akerman that pays tribute to the filmmaker by exploring the coming together of film, documentary and art and the consequent redefinition of the relationship with the spectator.


7 September – 12 November 2017
Il Cinema Espanso curated by Bruno Di Marino
A general introduction to Italian art film that starts out with an analysis of its roots and explores the artistic context of the 1960s, taking into consideration the relations with Rome, the Cooperativa del Cinema Indipendente as well as the relationships with international productions.


14 November – 18 December 2017
A review organized on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to the city recognised as the capital of the Middle East. The history of Beirut and its progressive transformation offers an example of survival and civilization. Its complexity is revealed in the works of artists such as Ziad Antar, Roy Dib, Lamia Jorige, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Rania Stephan and Jalal Toufic.

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