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Yervant Gianikian

I Diari di Angela – Noi Due Cineasti

Selected by the 75th Venice International Film Festival – Out of Competition

“In this film I read fragments from Angela’s diaries upon our private images. Recordings that are behind our work of resignifying the documentary archives. Uninterrupted research on violence in 1900s.
Angela always kept a diary, writing and drawing in it every day: public events, private matters, people she had met and things she had read, everything was noted down. Even accounts of two trips to Russia, 1989-1990. Just when the USSR was crumbling.

A diary about little Chinese books, even from before Dal Polo all’Equatore (1986) and our continuous work on violence in the 20th century. From our tours around the United States with “Scented Films” in the late 1970s to the Anthology Film Archive of New York and Berkeley Pacific Film Archive.
As I reread these diaries and watch again the cine diaries of those years, I am now on my own after living and working together on art projects for so many years. I took her with me to the Eastern Alps she she loved so much and where we used to go walking together. Angela comes back to life for me in her handwritten words in a light calligraphy that accompanies her drawings, watercolours, and her watercolours, including the rolls some ten metres and more in length.
I watch our long forgotten private films – the recordings that lie behind our work of re-reading and re-signifying the archive of documentary film.
Everyday life made up of just ordinary things, the people who were close to us, our research in the world of archive materials, a trip to Soviet Armenia with the actor Walter Chiari.
Testimonies we collected over the years.
These are my recollections of Angela and our life together. As I reread these notebooks I discover others I knew nothing about. New things emerging from her final writings and drawings: on the Gothic Line as a young girl, in “the frontline” during the Second World War. Art school with Oskar Kokoschka in Austria. Pages all about him, Dresden. South Tyrol, the house where Mahler composed “The Song of the Earth”, his love for Alma Mahler, making a doll that looked just like her, the artist’s obsession. Angela’s “crazy kids” in a special school and her decision to give up art to work for the community for a number of years, intent on helping these kids. Only to return with even great energy to our art work together.
One final roll is all about her childhood, family and public life.
I make a real effort. Looking back over all the notebooks composing Angela’s endless Diary and taking another look back at those private films of ours that accompany our research.
My desperate attempt to have her back at my side again, to bring her back to life, so that we can carry on our work together as our purpose and mission in life, through her notebooks and drawings, a sort of map of what I now need to do, containing all the guidelines and how I should continue. Angela and I have made plans for important new projects together.
A promise, a pledge, to continue our work”.


Yervant Gianikian

Yervant Gianikian

Produced by:
Beatrice Bulgari for In Between Art Film

I diari di Angela - Yervant Gianikian
Acquerelli di / Watercolors by Angela Ricci Lucchi Credit: Agostino Osio